IC Packaging Service

Standard Systems is the service provider of turnkey based semiconductor assembly providing following services.

  • 1) Consult IC Packaging
  • 2) Find cost effective IC Packaging
  • 3) Locate sub-contractors for actual IC Packaging.
  • 4) Involve Engineering & production related follow-up.
  • 5) Communicate very closely between customers and sub-contractors.
  • 6) Supply finished packages to customers directly or by drop shipment.

Standard Systems has connections with qualified sub-contractors which are located in Korea and other Asian area. Standard Systems provides services with solution that meet our customer's budget and size objectives.

Note : Dummy IC(Dummy Components, Mechanical IC) are not electrical functional parts, and used for machine set-up, acceptance and demonstration of pick and place equipment, educational training, evaluation of solder pastes, SMT processes and printed circuit board rework. Daisy Chain and standard dummy components are available.